FLPS, Vol. 1 F L P S – Vinil 7″

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    This is my first solo work. The artists I used to write music with, and who started producing their own work, inspired me to produce this album. This new process brought me interesting experiences, such as the contrast of the slow composition method with the practicality/agility of recording. I was lucky that the great musicians Ajurinã and Moisés agreed to record. Moisés Alves is a machine. Without rehearsals, he recorded on the first try. Seven songs in seven hours in the studio, including a pizza. He was able to decipher the scribbles I wrote: “They were the most difficult scores I have ever played”. Not because of their complexity, but because they don’t follow a usual line of notes and notation, especially for trumpet. Ajurinã Zwarg made all his part easier, because in addition to making the beautiful arrangements for drums, with small notes by me about interpretation and pauses, he recorded in his own studio and sent me the material to listen to. Everything online, to this day I never met him in person. The production and mixing was done together with Jota Dale. Thousands of guitar tracks, sometimes a track with just 3 (necessary) seconds in the song. You will find the sounds of a fretless guitar, guitar with bass strings, unplugged guitar, with pure amp distortion and even a okinawan samisen. Daniel Araújo recorded me when I played acoustic guitar on the seven tunes, which worked as a kind of melodic metronome. All the rest was recorded at my house. Jota organized all the material I produced, established a hierarchy for the guitars in the project, and greatly facilitated the communication between musician and technician. Finally, he made the bridge with the mastering engineer Negrão, who was the same one who recorded Moisés, two works greatly executed. The fabulous album cover is by photographer Pelle Cass, who captures time in a very intricate way. It dialogues really well with this album. I am grateful to you.

    Featured artists
    Ajurinã Zwarg: Drums
    Felipe Lopes: Guitars
    Moisés Alves: Trumpet

    Nazar (Daniel Araújo)
    Refinaria (Negrão, Jota Dale)
    Estúdio Coletivo Música Universal (Ajurinã Zwarg)
    Production and Mixing: Jota Dale
    Mastering: Guilherme Negrão

    Photo cover: Pelle Cass
    Visual design: Espira
    Text translation(En): Mauro Rocha

    All compositions by Felipe Lopes
    Drum arrangements: Ajurinã Zwarg
    Trumpet arrangement at the end of the song Autóctone: Moisés Alves


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